en Vogue Nail Technician Training

Thank you for your interest in our nail technician training courses. We believe that an excellent product is the first step in creating excellent nails, and that’s why we are proud to offer courses based on the en Vogue Sculptured Nail System. We offer three nail technician courses that can be taken individually, with certification after each course; however we highly recommend joining our loyalty program (see following page) to achieve the greatest success in creating (beautiful) nail enhancements (that are in demand).

Locally manufactured but internationally renowned, en Vogue takes pride in offering a superior product that features no odor, no vapors, no primer, no harsh chemicals, non-porous, non-yellowing, and flexible, with a natural look.

Our courses are heavy on the practical side, giving our students hours of hands-on experience so that they leave with the technical skills and the confidence to create superior nail enhancements.

We believe in continued support for all our students, so whether you want to start a salon, work as employee, or work from home, we will guide you to success.

Our courses cover:

  1. professionalism and hygiene
  2. anatomy of the nail
  3. sterilization and disinfection practices
  4. nail shapes, and the disorders and diseases that affect them
  5. preparation and procedures
  6. forms, fills, and repairs
  7. gel polish techniques
  8. equipment and implement techniques
  9. salon expectations as an employee
  10. theory and practical exams

Next Course Start Dates


Our February Nail Technician course will now be on April 21st Tuesday/Thursday 5:30-9:30

We take a maximum of 8 students per class!

Registration now open!

Natural Nail Manicure Course: $975 + Tax (2 weeks)

In this course you will learn:

  1. Natural Nail Manicure
  2. Spa Manicure
  3. Nail Anatomy, Nail Disorders and Sanitization
  4. Nail Shapes
  5. Application of Lac It! (gel polish) on Finger and Toe nails
  6. How to remove Lac It! correctly.

Class Kit includes:

  1. Introductory Lac It! Gel Polish colours
  2. 15ml Base coat
  3. 15ml Top Gloss
  4. 125ml Nail Prep
  5. 125ml Nail Finishing wipe
  6. Lac it! prep stick
  7. Prep Sticks Refill Pads
  8. 3ml Renew & Repair cuticle oil
  9. Cuticle Pusher
  10. Cuticle Nippers

Tips & Overlays Course: $975 + Tax (3 weeks)

In this course you will learn:

  1. Application of tips
  2. Overlays, when to do them, and the difference between overlays and enhancements
  3. Nailing the shape and finishing touches
  4. Application of One Component and Ultra White
  5. Application of colour gel on tip
  6. Full sets of tips
  7. French Fills
  8. Gel Toes

Class Kit Includes (valued at $105)

  1. 7ml One Component
  2. 7ml Pink One Component
  3. 7ml Ultra White
  4. 7ml Sealer
  5. 125ml Prep & Clean
  6. 50pk assorted tips, Curved & Flat
  7. 3g tip adhesive
  8. Sculpting Brush
  9. 3ml Renew & Repair
  10. Dust Brush

Sculptured Perfection Course: $975.00 + Tax (4 weeks)

In this course you will learn how to sculpt nails using forms using the 3-step system

  1. Customizing forms
  2. Pink & White Application
  3. Preparing the free edge for fills, removing lifting correctly
  4. Nailing the shape and finishing touches
  5. Nail Art
  6. Building Your Business

Class Kit Includes (valued at $115.00)

  1. 7ml Connector
  2. 7ml Modeling Resin
  3. 7ml French Modeling Resin
  4. 7ml Sealer
  5. 7ml Soft Pink Modeling Resin
  6. 125ml Prep & Clean
  7. 50pc Forms
  8. Sculpting Brush
  9. 2x 100/180 Files
  10. Block Buffer
  11. 3ml Renew & Repair
  12. Dust Brush

Loyalty Program – All three courses for $2275.00 + Taxes.

We at en Vogue believe you will achieve the greatest success in creating nail enhancements at a salon level by enrolling in all three of our offered courses. Because we feel so strongly about this, we are offering a Discount of $775 to those who register and pay for all three courses at once. As an added bonus, we will upgrade your existing kits to our large Starter Kit, valued at $392.00 and include an introductory Lac It kit.

Course Sizes

In order to provide quality one-on-one instruction, sessions are limited to a maximum of 8 people. To secure your place, early registration is recommended.


A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is due at time of registration for each course. This will be deducted off the course cost.

If you are a Loyalty member, there will only be a one-time registration fee of $300.00.

Total amount is due first day of each class. Loyalty members are to pay full amount of all three courses the first day of the Natural Nail Manicure Course.

To register for our courses, or to get more information please contact our office at 250-590-6506 or via email info@talonsnailevolution.com

Thank you for your interest in our nail courses.